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Piercarlo "Capone" Ciacchi

Piero is the Director of Flight Operations at Starfighters. He is a former Italian Air Force pilot who flew multiple fighter jet types, including the Lockheed F104S-ASAM, General Dynamics F16ADF, and Aermacchi MB339A-PAN. Piero also served as the Training Supervisor and Aerobatic Instructor at the “Frecce Tricolori” Italian National Aerobatic Team, where he flew all right positions of the 10 aircraft formation for 7+ years. 


 Piero has a wealth of experience in creating and managing flight and R&D projects, including custom modifications of aeronautical parts, experiment hardware design and integration, and videography.

Piero met Rick Svetkoff during one of Rick's F-104 acquisition trips to Italy, while he was on “alert” at an Italian air base with his F-104S. They developed a professional and personal relationship that kept them in touch until 2012 when Piero joined Starfighters Aerospace.

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