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Launch Vehicle Flight Termination System Test (NASA)

Tactical EW Pod Tests (DoD Contractors) 

Pressure Suit Design Tests (Final Frontier Design)

Hyperspectral Imager Test/Validation (Florida Tech)

Pre-Spaceflight Biological Specimen Test (University of Florida)

Air-Launch Rocket System Design (Embry-Riddle, CubeCab, others)

Human Factors Physiological / Biometric Measurement (Infinity Space)

Upper Atmosphere Sampling (University of Florida)

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Our fleet and personnel provide a low-cost alternative to other active-duty military and NASA aircraft for avionics and electronic systems testing and validation, electronic warfare R&D, surveillance system testing, captive carry aerodynamic testing, high-G pilot/passenger physiology testing, and other military, Homeland Security, NASA, and contractor requirements.

Our workforce is comprised of multiforce military-background personnel, able to dependably and responsively support classified projects. Our flightline is located behind the NASA and Air Force security gates at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport, but we can also deploy to other locations.


Our F-104 fleet provides unique capabilities for corporate R&D, technology demonstrations, in-flight training, sponsored promotions, and videography. We have worked with several companies to turn their ideas into reality.

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Our unique capabilities have attracted the interest of university researchers nationwide, with a widely varied list of objectives. Experiment topics have included human physiological responses to simulated spaceflight, microgravity research, pathfinder operations for point-to-point spaceflight, microsatellite launcher design, upper atmospheric sampling, and aeronautical design/engineering.

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