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MacDillsu 330
ph. Caliaro Luigino (28)
Piero 1
Starfighters Sunset 67 06.18.2009
Carrying Missiles

Starfighters operates the world’s only fleet of flight-ready F-104 supersonic aircraft.

Based at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and operating under authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration, these aircraft are available to government and commercial customers for a variety of missions. 

Captive carry of payloads and test articles

Microgravity experiments

Supersonic/hypersonic RDT&E

Spaceflight hardware testing/qualification

Suborbital spaceflight simulation

Air-launch of microsatellites

Human factors and flight physiology research

Jet warbird type training and familiarization for pilots

Avionics testing/qualification

Flight suit testing/qualification

Sponsored video production

Adversary air training support

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