The most efficient asset to support aerospace R&D. Ready, Willing and Able to support your Aerospace R&D establishment. Our supporting capability ranges from University projects/experiments to complex Engineering R&D scenarios or DoD supporting missions.  



Our adaptability allows us to offer substantial assistance from small businesses to the largest corporations. High speed, high altitude flight research, avionics test bed, Commercial rocket designing, rocket prototype in-flight testing on underwing external stations are only a small part of...



Kennedy Space Center: our home, your gate to space. We are the only private Company operating from the Shuttle Landing Facility that is fully integrated in the NASA Space Florida restricted site.



Our supersonic jet fleet is well suited to carry payloads located in multiple external stations and internal locations with in-flight test monitoring capacity/mission specialist. Standard mix profiles and envelopes are possible at speeds of MACH 2.2 in both level and climbing flight regimes and...


Unmatched Safety Records

Director of Flight Operation Capt. Piercarlo Ciacchi, former Italian Air Force Instructor Pilot says “Lockheed F-104’s achieved unmatching safety records during the 15 years of Italian Air Force operations in both Air Defence and Training environment”. These outstanding records result...


SFA F-104 fleet of 8 to be further enlarged.

"SFA strategically acquired four more F-104’s from the Italian Air Force, the world’s last F-104 operator. This will allow SFA to operate the world’s latest upgraded F-104 supersonic fleet" says Company President Mr. Rick Svetkoff.  The current F-104 fleet will...